The legend of the Olympus dictation

The Olympus was designed and manufactured long before most of us were even a thought. Around that time, many secretarial assistants, most of them women, were quite happy to sit with their note pads on their laps and take down short-hand notes dictated to them by their bosses. They were called secretarial birds, but in a nice sort of way, of course. They were extremely hard working and even had the college paperwork to prove that they had the competencies to handle the pressures of the secretarial job.

The boss was going places. The company was growing. And as the company grew, work volumes increased. It got to a point that secretarial assistants now had to work much longer hours, much to the chagrin of their loved ones. The designers and manufacturers of the original Olympus dictation equipment had this in mind. They were responding inventively to the all-round increases in work volumes.

The legend of the Olympus dictation, you could say, started with the hard-working secretaries who only worked with their pens, pencils and papers. They worked their minds to the maximum to keep up with the volumes of typing work they had to turn to as well. Olympus has gone on to manufacture a variety of equipment all primed for use in the office. Utilizing these machines also allowed for all those hard-working office assistants to return to more efficient nine to five hours.

Today’s Olympus dictation equipment is no longer just the secretarial assistant’s tool of trade. It is used in a number of areas in business and industry, far too numerous to mention here. Primarily, the latest range of machines operates as effective recording devices. These digitized items also enhance the possibilities of even better accuracy and efficiency.

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