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Drones are no longer just war crafts

Up until just a few years ago, drones were the most vilified forms of war craft, mainly for the devious manner in which it went about its killing deeds. Men and women no longer needed to be in the line of fire to make critical advances on perceived enemies. Instead, all it required was the skillful manipulation of a joystick to alloy the airborne drone to robotically maneuver itself closer to its target for the purpose of achieving accuracy when the moment to strike arrived.

But ironically, this was far removed from being achieved. While the drone hits were precise, many innocent civilians were caught in the murderous cross fire. And so the litany goes. Today, drones are still being used for the purposes of war, but perhaps it is also fair to say that today’s DJI drones are far more widely used for peaceful, even recreational means. Who would have thought that just over a few short but momentous years, drones would have gone from being effective killing machines, willfully or not, to verifiable playthings for all those who could afford them.

And today, many can afford them. There are dozens of prototypes still in the making. Existing models are affordable to the layman. They are also easy to operate. But the drones’ significance lies in its more purposeful use for the furtherance of good, moral and just causes. One popular cause is that of reversing the effects of global warming and climate change, something which many scientists believe is a far deadlier malevolence than man-made war operations.

Drones are also sustainably driven, requiring little or no fuel to be powered for just a couple of airborne hours. And as people go about their daily business, the drones are not seen or heard.